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The climate in tea-growing areas of Japan varies. Generally warm and rainy, Japanese plantations are often in the hilly areas close to rivers and lakes. Japan is known for its green tea production, and Strand Tea offers many premium green teas from the region.

Genmaicha Green Tea
Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea
This mellow Green Tea, blended with toasted and popped rice, has always been popular in Japan as a specialty tea. It is very low in caffeine, delicate, pairs well with foods, children like it and it is one of our best-selling Green Teas.
$3.95 - $23.95
Green Earl Grey
Green Earl Grey Tea ~ Organic
New item Summer 2009. Premium Organic Sencha green tea with Organic Oil of Bergamot and rose petals. This Organic Earl Grey Green Tea is just right for earl grey fanciers who want to explore green tea, and offers a new taste option for green tea lovers.
$4.50 - $25.95
Gyokuro Jade Dew Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro Jade Dew ~ Japanese Ceremony Grade Tea

Gyokuro Jade Dew is perhaps the most famous of Japan's Green Teas and is most often used to make Matcha for the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  Shaded during the last month before harvest, the tea flavanoids are concentrated, and chlorophyll is abundant yeilding a delicious (and healthy) cup.

For another delicious shaded Japanese Green Tea,  Kabuse Cha  from Kagoshima on the extreme southern tip of Japan please scroll down to Kabuse Cha Japanese Green Tea.

$8.95 - $62.95
Hojicha Roasted Japanese Green Tea
Hojicha ~ Roasted Japanese Green Tea
This is an amazing tea because it begins as a true Green Tea and then is slowly roasted to turn the leaves brown. A great toasty flavor comes out with underlying green tea notes.
$3.95 - $23.95
Kabusecha Japanese Green Tea
Kabuse Cha Japanese Green Tea

Kabuse Cha is our newest Premium Limited production Japanese Green Tea.  Delicious.

$6.95 - $51.95
Matcha ~ Japanese Powdered Green Tea

Strand Tea authentic Matcha Japanese powdered green tea is hand produced Super Grade from the superior grade Gyokuro leaf.  Matcha is high in anti-oxidants and has become known recently as a 'super food' in health circles. By consuming the whole leaf (ground up) a variety of micronutrients make this an energizing and healthy addition to your diet.

This true Kansai Matcha is Strand Tea staff's favorite and we feature it at an excellent price.  Available in a 1 oz (28 gram) tin and 3.6 oz (100 gram) factory sealed pack.

$11.95 - $33.95
Sencha Special Grade Kyoto Green Tea
Sencha Kyoto Japanese Green ~ Special Grade
Kyoto Sencha has a fine deep green leaf appearing almost like Gyokuro Jade Dew. It brews a light green liquor with nuanced flavors and is an exceptional grade of Sencha.
$5.50 - $39.55