Books by Our Customers

Books by customers of Strand Tea 

Several of our tea customers are published authors.  We are happy to share books and publications inspired, at least in part, by tea.  Books, like the authors themselves, and the types of tea they drink are diverse.  Whether you're reading them or creating them, books and tea are good companions.


Roll Around Heaven - by Jessica Maxwell  Jessica is a long time award winning travel and adventure writer published in many magazines.  She began having experiences she couldn't explain following the death of her father, and this began her 'accidental' spiritual adventures.  Written with humor and grace in her travels around the world, she meets real characters such as the Holy Pig Farmer 'an authentic American Spiritual Master', Deepak Chopra, Steven Hawking, a Buddhist Lama from Bhutan, and an Enlightened Presbyterian Minister, Roll Around Heaven is a fun, inspiring, and thought provoking read.  Jessica has been interviewed about Roll Around Heaven on CBS Radio and Coast To Coast Radio.  Roll Around Heaven can be found at most major booksellers.  To purchase an autographed copy from Jessica's local bookstore click on the title or the book image.


Strand - by Bonnie Henderson.  Seattle Times Best Books of 2008 and Finalist Oregon Book Awards 2009.  The title of Bonnie’s latest book is sheer coincidence (but she did fuel herself with many cups of Strand Tea Company's Portland Blend throughout the writing process). Mainly a travel and hiking guidebook author, Bonnie decided to research the origins of six somewhat random things she found while walking the same mile of Oregon beach over several years—a glass float, a Reebok sneaker, a dead whale, an unusual number of dead seabirds, the egg case for a skate, and the remains of a wrecked fishing boat. Strand is the result. It was a finalist for the 2009 Oregon Book Awards and was named one of the Best Books of 2008 by the Seattle Times. Click for details; you can buy it online, but Bonnie hopes you get it at your favorite local independent bookstore! Other books by Bonnie Henderson include 'Day Hiking Oregon Coast' and 'Best Hikes with Kids Oregon'. 

Also, in 2014, 'The Next Tsunami, Living on a Restless Coast'



Dog Man: An Uncommon Life on a Faraway Mountain - by Martha Sherrill

A stunning portrait of the Japanese rebel who single-handedly rescued the 4,000-year-old Akita dog breed.

At the end of World War II, there were only 16 Akita dogs left in Japan. Morie Sawataishi became obsessed with preventing the extinction of the 4,000-year-old breed. He defied convention, broke the law, gave up a prestigious job, and chose instead to take his urbanite wife to Japan's forbidding snow country to start a family, and devote himself entirely to saving the Akita.

Martha Sherrill blends archival research, on-site reportage, and her talent for narrative to reveal Sawataishi's world, providing a profound look at what it takes to be an individual in a culture where rebels are rare, while expertly
portraying a side of Japan that is rarely seen by outsiders.


The Eddy Fence - by Donna Henderson

- a finalist for the Oregon Book Award in 2011

Donna Henderson is a native Oregonian, and a sister of Bonnie Henderson, author of Strand. An avid outdoorswoman and tea-drinker (currently she starts most days with Yunnan Hongcha and ends it with Three Treasures Oolong), Donna spends as much of her life as she can manage on forest trails, along rivers or on Oregon peaks. In her twenties, she spent several summers either staffing fire-lookouts, or as a mountain and river guide - experiences and landscapes which continue to appear in her poems.

Donna is the author of two previous collections of poems, of which the first, Transparent Woman, was also a finalist for an Oregon Book Award in Poetry. She practices and teaches psychotherapy, Reiki, and yoga in Maupin, Oregon, where she lives with her husband, Rich Sutliff, on the Deschutes River. "The Eddy Fence" is available from (or through) Powell's Books and independent bookstores, and directly from Airlie Press (



Sip and Savor  -  by Jim Young      

October 2017                                                                                                            

After observing his fellow humans for many years, author Jim Young realized that there are essentially two types of people: gulpers and sippers. The gulpers live as though everything has been promised to them. They eat and drink and devour relationships until nothing is left, and they are still not fulfilled. The sippers, on the other hand, appreciate the flavor in every morsel and the beauty in every moment. They savor everything from food to time itself. This book honors sipping and savoring.

Young has previously written on a wide range of topics, from self-help to spirituality. In Sip and Savor, Young presents brief selections from eighteen of his books. Some of the topics he tackles include the following:

  • cultivating your inner awareness,                                                         
  • recognizing the unimportance of others’ views of you,
  • understanding religious texts as metaphors instead of fact,
  • discovering the highest form of self,                                           
  • living true to your own nature, and
  • extending out into the universe. 

Through these essays, short scenes, and even poems, Young demonstrates the importance of the authentic self. He examines what it means to be human and live an inwardly empowered life. Each carefully chosen excerpt reveals another essential facet of this continuing exploration.

Sip and Savor by Jim Young