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Historically known as Formosa, today's Taiwan is synonymous (in the tea world) with oolong teas. Taiwan's climate and steep mountain terrain have produced some of the world's most sought after teas. At Strand Tea Company, we offer a range of oolongs for every palette and price range.

Assam - Royal Taiwan
Assam - Royal Taiwan

Royal Assam is one of the best Assams we have tasted in over a decade. It is a limited production hand crafted tea grown and produced from special cultivars in the central highlands of Taiwan. The long open twisted dark leaf yeilds a remarkably rich brew that is full bodied with hints of plum. 

$5.25 - $81.35
Black Dragon - Organic High Mountain Taiwan
Black Dragon ~ High Mountain Taiwan ~ Organic

Organic Black Dragon Black Tea is a true tea lovers tea. As soon as we tried this excellent tea, we had several kilos air freighted in from Taiwan. Hand rolled long wiry leaves brew a reddish honey colored liquor with sweet aromas and a depth of taste that is remarkable. 

$5.25 - $81.95
Formosa Choicest Amber Oolong
Formosa Choicest - Amber Oolong
A Teahouse tea from South China. Small curled and twisted leaves with occasional silver bud sets brew a medium-bodied, smooth, flavorful cup with flowery aromas in the classic Formosa style.
$3.05 - $36.95
GABA Organic Super Oolong
GABA Super Oolong ~ Organic

Our Organic GABA Super Oolong Tea is flown to Strand Tea Company in Oregon straight from Taiwan for freshness and quality. Premium High Grown tea plants are selected for production, shaded for about 15 days prior to harvest, then moderately oxidized in stainless steel containers where oxygen is replaced with nitrogen while the temperature and PH is carefully controlled. The result is a very pleasing light to medium tea, with almost no bitterness, which is high in the super anti-oxidant, GABA.    read more...

$6.95 - $52.95
Green Dragon Formosa Oolong
Green Dragon Tung Ting Formosa Oolong

Green Dragon Tung Ting Oolong from Formosa is one of our top 5 favorite teas here in the Strand Tea office and is highly acclaimed by tea professionals. New leaves and budsets are moderately oxidized and dried with perfect application of heat to bring out delicious buttery notes and wonderful aromas. Brew the leaves two to three times.

$8.95 - $59.95
Gui Fei Oolong
Gui Fei Oolong

Gui Fei Oolong, one of the "100 famous teas of China"  is a unique varietal Oolong brought to Taiwan decades ago and now grown in high mountains of Taiwan.  The plum and osmanthus aromas surprised us and then it's toasty pleasing taste wowed us.  With it's layered flavors and aroma Gui Fei has quickly become a Strand Tea staff favorite.  The tastes carry through so well that you must brew this tea twice.

$6.95 - $52.75
Jin Xuan Milk Oolong
Jin Xuan Milk Oolong

Milk Oolong is one of those rare finds enjoyed by tea beginners and experts alike. It indeed has a light creamy flavor layered in on top of its great orchid like notes and smooth taste.

$4.25 - $59.95
Magnolia Oolong
Magnolia Oolong

Magnolia Oolong is a light to medium bodied tea without astringency and has a wonderful aroma, perfect for afternoon tea.  It reminds us of an extremely popular tea we had for years called Ancient Beauty Oolong.

$4.95 - $29.95
Osmanthus Oolong - Taiwan High Mountain
Osmanthus Oolong - Taiwan High Mountain

Osmanthus Oolong from the High Mountain Growing Areas of Taiwan is a new edition to our Oolong category. Fresh Formosa Jade Oolong leaves in a Ti Kwan Yin style are scented with Osmanthus Flower Buds for a great taste.

$2.85 - $36.95
Tangerine Dream Oolong
Tangerine Dream Oolong

Tangerine Dream Oolong is a special hand made natural citrus flavored oolong from central high mountain Taiwan. This is a yummy tea with haunting flavors. Perfect for afternoon tea with sweets or savories. This is our staff pick for Summer 2018.

$3.65 - $55.95
Yu Chi Shan Cha
Yu Chi Shan Cha

Wild high mountain plants are hand harvested from indigenous Ancestral Tea Plants dating to 1697 in Taiwan.   This amazing tea has a mild aroma of honey baked oats and a slight floral scent of wild rose.  The tea liquor is perfectly balanced and smooth with fruit notes similar to white peaches. This tea is so good we recommend it be served in wine glasses.

$6.50 - $97.95