In China Pu Erh is considered a TRIBUTE TEA, a tea of such exceptional taste it is used for gifting or paying tribute to someone. A true specialty tea, this Super Grade was produced in 2010. Great care was taken to find the best leaf material to make this tea, it is good now and we believe it will age perfectly if you care to keep it for a few years prior to drinking it.

Currently one of the most talked about and sought after tea in China and abroad Pu Erh is the exception to the rule, in that the older it is, the better it tastes. This 5 gram Tuo Cha or little nest is made by a farm family and is one of the best we could find. Rich and smooth, we are offering this tea at an extremely good price.

Premium tea leaves are partially dried then buried in clay according to the ancient and still secret tradition, to make this highly distinctive tea with rich earthy tastes and aromas which are hard to describe. The Chinese have always considered it the supreme Black Tea for healing properties related to digestion, the blood and liver. At least one study in the West has shown that it, in fact, reduces cholesterol.

One unwraps each individual Tuo Cha, puts it in the cup, and in 5-6 minutes you have have a delightful rich black and very smooth brew which does not get bitter.