Bai Mu Dan (also known as Pai Mu Tan) Organic Super Grade White tea has as full and sweet taste as we have found in any Bai Mu Dan to date. It is clearly a grade above the standard ones commonly available and often flavored or scented to fill out the taste profile. Our Organic Bai Mu Dan is well worth the price in our opinion. Light and fluffy leaves mean you get a lot of tea for your money.

Contrary to an advertisement you might have seen in print or on TV, White teas are not just "baby leaves". True White Teas are produced from very specific plants hybridized over generations, always hand made, usually of limited production, and produced for very short duration - sometimes only a few days - and at very specific times of the year depending on the tea growing region. Commonly the new leaf and bud sets from specific tea plants are picked only at a certain hour of the morning under exact air temperature/humidity conditions and then are very carefully handled to avoid any bruising or damage to the leaves.

The two outer leaves are separated from the inner bud. The outer leaves become Bai Mu Dan which is sometimes translated in the Western World as "white peony" due to its smell when fresh. The inner bud becomes the famous "Silver Needle" tea. Bai Mu Dan leaves are usually brewed once, Silver Needle leaves can be brewed multiple times.