Yunnan Yin Zhen Silver Needle Tea is a rare find. It is our 2nd elite Silver Needle White tea which we just couldn't resist. Beautiful plump silver buds have a slightly lemon blossom scent when dry, and a fantastic smooth slightly sweet and slightly citrus flavor when brewed.  Multiple steepings bring out different flavor notes.  Yunnan Yin Zhen a great value!

It would be a shame to only brew the Yin Zhen once. Save the wet leaves, pour on more water and enjoy 2 to 3 brews.

What's the difference between the Nine Dragons Silver Needle and the Yin Zhen?  Tea plant varietal? Soil and climate? Technique of caring for and drying the leaf?  We suspect it is all of these.  The Yin Zhen is a larger, plumper Silver Needle and slightly more silver grey in color.  The two brewed liquors are nearly indistinguishable in color, but clearly different in flavor.

Both are elite teas.  We suggest you purchase a little of each and try them side by side.