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    The Glass Tiger™ is a unique tea brewer, drinking cup, and thermos all in one. The thermos body is made from double wall borosillicate glass used for cookware and chemistry glassware which is thermal shock resistant and keeps beverages hot or cold for about an hour. A snap in filter screen and leak proof cap make the Glass Tiger™ simple, easy to use, and economical. Many good teas can be brewed repeatedly with excellent flavor retention. It’s also a great way to view lovely tea leaves while you enjoy drinking a cup of delicious tea!

    We have sold several thousand non-leaching polycarbonate Tea Tigers™ since 2004 and people love them. Now we are introducing the Glass Tiger™. No more having to compromise with teabags when you are busy, commuting, or traveling. Put loose leaf tea in the bottom, pour on the hot water, snap in the stainless steel filter screen, put the leak proof lid on the top - and you are brewing tea even on the go. When you want to drink the tea, remove the leak proof lid and drink right out of the cup through the stainless steel filter. The Glass Tiger™ fits in nearly all car and truck beverage holders. It is great for traveling, and perfect for the office, backpacks and book packs.

    The Glass Tiger™ acts as a thermal cup to keep beverages hot (or cold) for about an hour. You can pour boiling water over your tea and it only gets warm to the touch on the outside of the cup. It is new to the United States with roots in the tea-drinking tradition of China where many fine teas are simply put in the bottom of a small tea vessel and brewed for use by commuters, travelers, back-packers or anyone who wants to enjoy good loose leaf tea anytime.

    Tigers. Strand Tea is a values based company supporting health, educational and social programs, and environmental initiatives. A portion of every Glass Tiger™ sale goes directly to wild tiger conservation in Tamil Nadu, South India. We named this brewing and drinking cup The Tea Tiger™ in order to help focus awareness on Tiger Conservation.


    • Double-wall thermal shock resistant borosillicate glass
    • Thermos Cup is dishwasher safe
    • Wide mouth for easy use & cleaning
    • Stainless steel mesh filter basket easily snaps in place
    • Stainless Steel cap with Chinese 'Tea' calligraphy on top
    • Fits in nearly all car & truck cup holders
    • 10 oz Capacity
    • 2 3/4" in diameter, 7 1/8" tall with cap on

    How does it work? Because of the tall cylindrical shape and the fact that tea leaves sink to the bottom as they re-hydrate, a slow even brewing takes place. We’ve found that most premium leaf teas retain their natural flavor & sweetness until the last sip. And you can often refill the Glass Tiger™ with more hot water for another cup.

    Western tea lovers have always had to fuss with tea pots and tea strainers or succumb to the teabag. Brewing tea in the Glass Tiger™ is based on the Chinese 'Gongfu' style where leaves are placed in the bottom of a Gaiwan cup, water is added, a cover is placed on top, and the tea brews. When empty, more hot water is added and more cups are enjoyed until the flavor is gone. The Tea Tiger™ is a variation on the Gaiwan Cup.

    Free sample. With each Glass Tiger™ purchased you get a free sample of any of our teas. In the Customer Comments space at checkout indicate which tea sample(s) you would like.