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TEA TIGER™ TEA BREWING THERMOS & DRINKING CUPThe Tea Tiger™ is a unique tea brewer, drinking cup, and thermos all in one. It is simple, easy to use, and economical. Many good teas can be brewed repeatedly with excellent flavor retention. It’s also a great way to view lovely tea leaves as you enjoy your tea!

We have sold thousands Tea Tigers™ since 2004 and people love them. They make great gifts for the tea drinkers in your life.  In 2020 we slightly redesigned the Tiger for a fresh new look.

  • Enjoy good loose tea on the go or anytime. No more having to compromise with teabags when you are busy, commuting, or traveling. Put loose leaf tea in the bottom, pour on the hot water, put on the filter screen and spill proof lid and you are brewing tea even on the go. When you want to drink the tea, remove the spill proof lid and drink right out of the cup through the stainless steel filter or strain into your favorite cup. The Tea Tiger™ fits in all car and truck beverage holders. It is also perfect for the office, backpacks and tote bags.

    The Tea Tiger™ acts as a thermal cup to keep beverages hot (or cold) for over an hour. You can pour boiling water over your tea multiple times and keep drinking.

  • Independent Lab Testing The Tea Tiger™ has been rigorously tested and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for food safety.  Strand Tea Company had the Tea Tiger™ tested by an independent Food Products Safety Lab. The thermal body was tested under extreme boiling and microwave conditions. Sixty four different volatile organic compounds (VOCs) plus bisphenol-A (BPA) were tested. There were no detected VOCs or BPA in the water taken from boiling and microwaving.

          Tigers   A portion of every sale goes to the protection of Tigers.

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