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Tribute Teas

Tribute teas got their name in ancient China because they were the best product of the Tea Master’s art, and were presented to the Emperor as a "tribute." Sometimes called "rare teas"' in modern times, these wonderful teas are characterized by extraordinary flavors, limited seasonal availability, being in the top rank of their class, or having unique tastes.

Flowering Bud Green Tea - Double happiness
Flowering Bud Tea ~ Double Happiness

Large globe grape shaped Premium Green Tea handcrafted to bloom into a 2 1/2" "flower" with a three blossom center of Osmanthus, Lilly, and Jasmine Blossoms.

$4.95 - $64.95
Gyokuro Jade Dew Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro Jade Dew ~ Japanese Ceremony Grade Tea

Gyokuro Jade Dew is perhaps the most famous of Japan's Green Teas and is most often used to make Matcha for the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  Shaded during the last month before harvest, the tea flavanoids are concentrated, and chlorophyll is abundant yeilding a delicious (and healthy) cup.

For another delicious shaded Japanese Green Tea,  Kabuse Cha  from Kagoshima on the extreme southern tip of Japan please scroll down to Kabuse Cha Japanese Green Tea.

$8.95 - $64.95
Keemun Hao Ya A Black Tea
Keemun Hao Ya A Imperial Court Tribute Tea
The Hao Ya A is always rated by tea professionals as the top Keemun made. It has an amazing depth of taste, with toasty notes and superb mouth feel. A must try for the tea lover.
$7.95 - $56.95
Leopard Snow Buds Green Tea
Leopard Snow Buds Green Tea

Leopard Snow Buds is a unique China Wuyi Mountain Green Tea is made from only the bud and first leaf of new shoots picked from selected tea plants.

$5.00 - $72.95
Nine Dragons White Tea
Nine Dragons White Tea

Nine Dragons is a exquisit rare Silver Needle tea from Fujian Province. This is the best white tea we've come across in years – a gold standard - considered in China 'competition grade'.  Downy silver needles have a slight peony floral scent when dry and a slightly sweet liquor when brewed.  Please infuse this tea several times and if you have a guiwan you're in for a treat.

This item is temporarily out of stock
Pu-Erh - Brick (Shu) Black Tea
Pu-Erh Brick (Shu)

TRIBUTE TEA. 12 year old compressed brick. Enjoy now or let age. Approx. 250 gram (8.5 oz) Factory Wrapped Brick.

Three Season Pu-Erh Cake
Pu-Erh Three Season Cake

TRIBUTE TEA. Organic Three Season Imperial Pu-Erh Cake. Excellent 'sheng' or 'raw' tea leaves fermented just enough to start the ageing process.  Made in 2011.  Enjoy now or let age. Approx. 250 gram (8.5 oz) Factory Wrapped Cake.

Pu-Erh 5 gram Tou Cha Black Tea
Pu-Erh Tuo Cha 5 Gram

In China Pu Erh is considered a TRIBUTE TEA, a tea of such exceptional taste it is used for gifting or paying tribute to someone. A true specialty tea, this Pu-Erh was produced in 2005 and is supplied in individually wrapped 5 gram (average) compressed "bird's nests" called Tuo Cha.

$5.95 - $37.95
Pu-Erh 4 gram Tou Cha Black Tea
Pu-Erh Tuo Cha 5 Gram Super Grade

Pu-Erh is a true specialty tea, the exception to the rule in that it gets better with age. Premium tea leaves are partially dried then buried in clay according to the ancient and still secret tradition, to make this highly distinctive tea with rich earthy tastes and aromas which are hard to describe.  This Super Grade was produced in 2010. Great care was taken to find the best leaf material to make this tea, it is good now and we believe it will age perfectly if you care to keep it for a few years prior to drinking it.

$6.75 - $43.95
Yunnan Yin Zhen Silver Needle
Yunnan Yin Zhen ~ Silver Needle

Yunnan Yin Zhen Silver Needle Tea is another rare find. It is our 2nd elite Silver Needle White tea and one we just couldn't resist. Beautiful plump silver buds have a slightly lemon blossom scent when dry,and a fantastic smooth slightly sweet and slightly citrus flavor when brewed.  Multiple steepings bring out different flavor notes.  Yunnan Yin Zhen a great value!

$6.75 - $92.95
Yunnan Golden Heaven Black Tea
Yunnan ~ Golden Heaven
TRIBUTE TEA. This is one of the best Yunnan teas made, Small, lightly rolled leaves loaded with gold tips produce a rich smooth cup which is flavorful without astringency or bitterness. One of the best morning teas you’ll find. Please do not put any milk or sweetener in this tea – its flavor stands alone.
$6.95 - $49.95